Dec 182015

Huge dildo pussy action movies There’s something not right with sites that promote extreme object insertion, like Dildo Brutality here. Doesn’t stop me from spewing my spunk all over the place while watching the movies, though. Hah. Fucking mental. This one is simple, extreme, and fucking great. All sorts of huge objects get pushed deep into stretched cunts. From giant dildos to fat bottles. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be much that doesn’t end up shoved up a cunt. Fruit, vegetables, baseball bats, computer mice, a huge bunch of pencils, lit candles, a french loaf, statues, lava lamps, and loads more freaky they-shouldn’t-go-in-there objects. You have to take the free tour to watch the free movie samples. You’ll be amazed, outraged, and seriously horny! This site is freaky! I like it a lot!

All models are over 18.

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