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Oh my. Oh fucking my. When a teen sex site gets it right you can almost feel the cum explosions rippling across the continents as horny cunts like you and me frantically tug our todgers, while dribbling and dreaming that we could be there licking and fucking that gorgeous teen girl! 18 Flesh gets it right, and gets it really fucking right! There’s fresh teen cunts plastered everywhere here, and these babes take fat cocks in every hole as you’d expect, but whoever is picking the girls needs a few handshakes. 18 Flesh - Just legal reen porn movies!These chicks are as cute as it gets, and then as dirty as it gets, and I fucking love it. As you’ll probably know already, sometimes you jusyt fancy jerking off to a particular type of porn, so if teen porn is tonight’s choice then start watching full-length teen sex movies in seconds over at 18 Flesh. I love this place!

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Real voyeur porn movies A somewhat strange title for a website, but it does fit the voyeur theme. They Caught On Video takes you straight into the private lives of amateur cunts and the cunts who secretly film them. Hidden cam sex moviesDo you know something? I’ve seen so many voyeur sex movies over the years that I have no idea any more if I’ve already seen them before. These are great quality spycam movies and I can’t really recall seeing them elsewhere, so I’m going to give this site the benefit of the doubt and recommend that you take a look. The movies are really, really erotic to watch and should have you feeling for your meat in no time at all. Take a peek yourself over at They Caught On Video and start watching real hidden cam amateur sex movies instantly!

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Dec 022016

BBW sex moviesOne of my regular haunts for a sweet dose of fat sex action is called Chubby Freaks. This is one of those sites that gives members some great on-the-button content to jerk off to, in this case that’s extreme BBW sex movies, and packs in a whole lot more to really give great value and much added wank-material. Chubby blowjob

With your single plump porn pass you get free bonus access to a whole network of porn sites, with themes that include gagging blowjobs, double penetration, midget sex, smoking fetish, spanking movies, footjobs porn, pregnant sex and more. As an extra little bonus, they do offer a nice trial pass to give you a crucial taste of what’s to come, so head on over to Chubby Freaks now and grab your instant trial pass to hardcore BBW porn! Damn, I love to watch fat girls fucking, I really do.

Dec 012016

It doesn’t matter how much tranny sex I get to watch, I’m always boned up within a few seconds. Free transexual porn moviesToday I’m looking at More Than A Girl, and it’s reminded me that I used to find the whole shemale porn thing fascinating, half convinced that the only reasons these guys got tits made were: 1) Because they liked tits. 2) Because they wanted to make money in porn. 3) I can’t remember if there ever was a third reason. Now I just don’t care. I enjoy watching shemale porn movies. If they’re pulling their plonkers while rubbing their titties, that’s sweet and I’ll shoot quite soon. If they’re getting rammed up the arse by a guy with a big cock, I’ll shoot even sooner. And if they’re sucking cock and taking cum while stroking their own dicks, then I’ll have my creamy explosion very fucking fast. The site is big, hard, and nasty, and you’ll be enjoying hardcore transexual porn movies for a very long time once you’ve started exploring More Than A Girl. Oh yes.

Nov 302016

Cuta Angie pussy movies Her name is Cute Angie, and she’s a hot girl with her own solo porn site. By “solo” I mean it’s her own site. I don’t mean she’s the only girl there. This young lady claims that she’s bisexual, but only ever does lesbian things on film, and what stunning lesbian sex we get to see! Seriously, this babe is toasty. You can almost feel the heat from her scorching pussy as you watch her movies, she’s that hot. I should note here that if I could just spend a half hour with her in my bedroom here in the UK, I could cure her of that lesbian-ness and make her straight. Yeah, I’m that fucking good. So, Angie, if you’re down my way and want an ugly fat old cunt to rid you of that pussy licking lesbian thing disease you have, give me a shout and I’ll use my tiny penis to cure you. Okay? No, it’s no problem, and there’ll be no fees. I’m not going to charge you for helping you out! I’m a nice kind of cunt, see? Ho-fucking-ho! Enjoy Cute Angie in these free sample clips, and get a lot more of this tempting tunnel-exploring twat-taster over at her horny sex site – Cute Angie. Nice.

As always, all models are over 18.

Nov 292016

Spunky Handjob Movies!The delight on this chick’s face as the cock erupts with cum after all of her hard handywork is plain to see. She’s satisfied. She’s pleased. She can now relax and shake off the awful ache that she probably has after all of the wanking she’s been doing. Yes, it’s handjobs porn movie time here at Twisted Cunt, and that means Pud Pullin is our destination, where any lover of the stroking art is going to find much happiness, much pleasure, and much sticky man-cream. Get over there, start rubbing something, and try and time it so that you shoot your spooge at the same time as one of those lucky studs. Great fun, I tell you. Great fun. Visit Pud Pullin here 

Nov 282016

September Scott sucking a cock Yep, this hot and filthy cocksucking lass is called September Scott, and she has…something special. I’m not sure what it is, but she has it in bucketloads. X factor? Charisma? Sex appeal? All of it? I don’t know, but I want to eat her. I want to lick her skin. I want to taste her armpits and between her toes and blow on her elbows. She turns me on so much that I want to put my thing in her lady-place. That’s how sexy this babe is. Just watch the free movies and see for yourself. She has her own site, of course, and it’s a place that you need to see. Take a free look now and get more of September at September Scott. It’s good. Very good. September Scott pussy play movies

Nov 272016

Dirty UK cuntYou can’t beat a tasty bit of British cunt. UK girls are known all over the world for….I don’t fucking know what they’re known for, seeing as I’m British. In the UK, they’re known for either being dirty slappers or for being prim and proper dirty slappers. I’ve found on my travels that I haven’t got a clue if either of these are true, as I haven’t travelled enough and never fucked anyone while doing any travelling. Okay, let’s get on with the good stuff. Suburban Amateurs is big and deep and full of British cunt. That’s pretty much all you need to know, I reckon, so enjoy this UK amateur working on her snatch and then get a whole load more like her over at Suburban Amateurs. Great site, great filthy women, and loads of UK cunt on show. Lovely stuff!

Nov 262016

Stretched and fisted pussiesFisting lesbians! I’m really getting off on seeing oiled cunts stretched wide to take hands deep inside. As you can see from the free sample fisting movies here, these babes push their wet cunts to the limit when they spread them wide to allow other chicks to fist them. And then we get to witness a spraying fountain of pussy squirting liquid. Fisting and squirting all in one place. lesbian fisting movies!Awesome stuff.

The full movies are all found over at an awesome fisting porn site called Fist Flush. Interesting title, but not my favourite so far. You’ll be very aroused if you enjoy fisting porn, so head on over for a free preview and grab your instant pass at Fist Flush.



Just for the record, my favourite porn site names so far are:
Jizz Jugglers – Double blowjobs and cum swapping.
2 In The Stink – Women get fucked in the ass by two cocks at a time.
It’s A Big Black Thing – Big black cocks porn movies.
Yellow Stories – Extreme pissing movies.
Spooge Sluts – Blowjobs and cum thirsty girls. I think this one wins for me. Great word to use instead of “spunk”. Spooge. Say it again and enjoy it more – “Spooge”. Cool.

Nov 252016

Feel the tightness of her ass just before she relaxes and your cock slides into her tightest hole! I fucking love fucking a girls ass. Butt-fucking is what great contries are founded upon. Sort of. The anal sex movies you’ll be enjoying over at Anal Drive have it all: Fingers in asses, close ups, tender butt rubbing, and deep, hard ass slamming with babes showing the pleasure as they take a fat one right up the shitter. Tight butts drilled by dickThere’s no way of describing good hardcore anal sex without it sounding crude, so be prepared for loads of crudeness as you toss your monkey for those intense cum blasts while watching some of the best anal sex movies out there. It’s good, and once those babes feel a shaft inside their pucker-hole and their face shows the pleasure, you’ll know that it’s so, so right! Pump those butts, but don’t forget about the cunts! We like cunt sex too!

Nov 242016

Bisexual group sex movies The action’s hot and the movies are extreme at BiSex Planet. This site doesn’t mess about – you are thrown in to extreme bisexual sex movies in seconds. There are hours of dirty bisexual guys sucking and fucking in hardcore fuck-everyone movies that’ll blow you away. Loads of filthy closeups of guys licking dicks and taking jizz, with sexy women thrown in to the mix to spice things up. So you get to watch threesomes, foursomes, orgies, and Free bisexual sex movies if there was such a word, I’d even say “moregies”, all with a twisted bisexual flavour that’s sure to get your beast growing and spurting. I love the site! I really get off on bisexual porn when it’s done right, especially when a guy sucks cock straight from a pussy, still covered in cunt juice. Get on over to BiSex Planet and get your trial pass, after you’ve enjoyed the free sample movies here, of course. You lucky cunts!

Nov 232016

Get a girl to stroke you off and you’re a luckier cunt than I am. get a girl to even touch your cock and you’re a luckier cunt than I am. Enough self-pity! Get on with the smut! Okay, we’re talking about beautiful girls giving slick handjobs in sensual, and sometimes, (with all the dirty talk that these babes spout), filthy handjob porn movies from a site called Handjob Models. It’s a good ‘un, with all kinds of gorgeous babes giving their own versions of perfect tugjobs to erect cocks. If you stop stroking your own swollen meat stick for long enough you can study the different techniques used. I wouldn’t botherFree handjob movies doing that though. It’s pointless and rather pathetic. Just get spurting your muck to some of the best handjobs you’ll ever see, and when you sleep you can dream that it was your dick that was so lovingly abused by her hand. Oh yes. I want to mention that my absolute favourite part of watching handjobs porn movies is when the girl instinctively goes to suck the dick, but pulls back when she remembers it’s all about the tugging. Fucking lovely how she wants to lick but doesn’t, although sometimes they do, which is also pretty horny. Aaaaargh! Too much erection-giving porn! As always, enjoy the free sample movies but definitely consider watching the full handjob movies at Handjob Models. It’s a great site whether you like handjobs or not.

Note: As always, if I mention the word “girls” anywhere then I don’t mean under 18 girls. All models at Twisted Cunt are 18 years old or over.

Nov 222016

Asian porn movies Asian Sex Queens is a nice little Asian sex movies website. Hardcore Asian sex moviesIt offers nothing particularly new, but it does give you a shed-load of hardcore Asian porn, definitely enough to stroke off to every night. As a huge plus, you get FREE bonus access to over 60 other extreme sex sites, and that’s where this place earns my vote as a winner. There’s so much free porn included with your instant Asian sex pass, that you’ll never ever see it all. Never. That’s a lot of porn right there, and when you combine all these other sites with those sexy Asian cock-munchers doing their thing, you have an easy recommendation for an Asian porn site that you should take a long hard look at. Another plus is the instant three day trial pass that I’ve only just noticed. Check it out if you want hardcore Asian sex movies that you can pull your willy to. I liked it. That name again is Asian Sex Queens. Go get some.

Nov 212016

Gloryhole blowjobs! Anonymous black dick sucked!Oh you dirty little bitches! Oh, oh, your filthy little cocksuckers! Oh fuck! You meat-licking, cum-taking, cock-slurping, shaft-shaking-spunk-hungry little cunts! I love you all. Every last one of you. Women like you make the world go round. Women who suck dick as good at these anonymous blowjob porn queens should be in charge of everything, ever.
Gloryhole cocksucking movies! Of course, I’m pretty certain that the reason I enjoy gloryhole blowjob movies like these is because Mrs Twisted Cunt doesn’t suck my dick, or do anything else sex-wise. But then again, interracial gloryhole cocksucking is fucking great even without my hang-ups influencing my opinion. This site is fucking awesome. Firstly, there are loads of movies here, hours and hours and hours of pure anonymous cocksucking porn all available in seconds. Secondly, it’s high quality porn. Crystal clear gloryhole movies where you see every tiny detail. Thirdly, it’s seeing those big black dicks gobbled by depraved white sluts. It’s sordid and nasty and fucking wonderful, and I’m never more than three seconds away from a raging hard-on now that I’ve found Gloryhole. That’s what it’s called: Gloryhole. Perfect!

Nov 202016

Smoking while sucking cocksThe smell of cigarette smoke fills the room, you wonder why she’s lit another one seeing as she’s only just finished the last one! Then she kneels in front of you, takes a deep puff on that evil stick, unzips you, and looks into your eyes as she blows a cloud all over your engorged prick. A slight smile plays on her lips, and then she takes another deep drag and holds the smoke inside her lungs as she wraps her mouth around your member….
You don’t have to be a smoker to enjoy smoking porn movies. In today’s anti-smoking climate the appeal of smoking girls porn has grown and grown, and judging by the smoking beauty you see here it’s not difficult to see why. Stunning babes smoking and sucking, smoking and playing with their pussies, smoking and getting fucked, and just, um, well, smoking. If you like seeing those curls of smoke escape as chicks puff away while servicing cocks then grab your instant trial pass over at Smoking Foxes. There aren’t any foxes, but there are loads of smoking girls doing bad things to penises.