Feb 232017

It’s always nice to add another extreme Hentai sex site to Twisted Cunt, so we’re looking at a great little toon sex site I’ve dug up called Hentai Niches. The quality is great, Wild Hentai Sexas you can see from the reduced quality sample movies featured here,  and the topics, as usual, range from beautiful hardcore sex to wild and bizarre cartoon porn scenes. The crazy storylines are what makes or breaks animated porn movies, and this site doesn’t disappoint with some freaky shit going on in just about every movie. Take the free tour at Hentai Niches and start downloading full-length toon sex movies in seconds. Full unrestricted access is almost instant, so strike now and get in there quick! I love this stuff!

Feb 222017

Candle wax porn is something that usually features in other BDSM websites, but Wax Punishment is the first website that I’ve ever seen that’s totally dedicated to the searing pleasure of having hot candle wax poured onto your exposed flesh. We get to watch as guys take various forms of punishment from strict mistress-types, but for the most part it’s the candles and that hot wax. It’s one of those things that you can easily try at home on your own, but don’t be surprised if that brief hot sting puts you off, as in my opinion candle wax and sex only really go well together when an angry Wax Punishment babe is doing the pouring. That’s when the fetish kicks in properly and the real pleasure takes over. Also be careful not to burn yourself, or your property – it’s easily done so be safe! Anyway, try and enjoy these short free sample movies, and if you fancy seeing a lot more then take the free tour over at Wax Punishment. Hot shit.

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Feb 212017

Ariel Rebel free sample movies Just when I thought my well-used balls were cleaned out – incapable of creating any more spunk to shoot, when along comes one of the sexiest teen porn girls I’ve ever seen. She’s called Ariel Rebel. Yeah, I know I keep saying “the sexiest”, or “the horniest”, in just about all of my solo girl porn sites posts at Twisted Cunt, but I mean it every time. I guess that there are far more sweet and pretty teen hotties out there doing porn than I’d ever imagined. That makes me very, very lucky indeed. I get to view, watch, and wank, day after day, looking at seductive and cute teen babes doing all sorts of lovely nasty things. Check out Ariel Rebel and enjoy this fantastic piece of teen perfection. She’s fucking amazing!

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Feb 202017

I can’t be the only guy who thinks that somewhere out there are hoards of older women like these dirty mature cunts who are gagging for a good hard shag. Of course, I usually have that particular thought when I’m indulging in a moment of late-night dick-tugging while watching some old slapper gobbling on a stiff piece of meat. That sort of frenzied stress relief is always going to bring out those crazy thoughts, don’t you agree? Of course you do. Quality hardcore mature sex movies The sample movies you get at that gallery over there may take a few moments to load – they’re better qualty than the normal free samples, which are usually greatly reduced in size and quality for wankers everywhere to get a taste, but it’s well worth the loading time, in my opinion. The full-length mature porn movies are even higher quality, so if you like to watch sex with mature women done right then grab an instant pass over at Mature Relations. Now I’m off to think about local old ladies that will surely be grateful to service the penis of a younger stallion like me. Oh fucking yes! Old cunts here I come. Just watch me! I’m such a stud.

Feb 192017

Double Penetration Newbies is a new extreme sex site that’s definitely worth joining if you like that double-dick action! These girls take multiple cocks in their holes, two at a time, and I’ve been assured that having your cunt and butthole filled with hot cock is a great feeling by those who know about these things. Double penetration is something that I’d love to try. Cramming my dick up a woman’s ass while another cock is plugged deep into her cunt. Very fucking tasty! Mrs Twisted Cunt expressed an interest in this many moons ago, but that was before she started to look at me like I am a puddle of rancid piss, so that fantasy ended. Double penetration movies After watching some of these free double penetration movies I’m thinking about it more and more. Should I pluck up the courage and ask my lovely woman if she’d like to try it sometime? Or should the threat of a swift and solid punch in the face for having the cheek to even ask her put me off? I don’t know, but I do know that I’ll be furiously rubbing one off in a moment as I relive the days when I truly believed that I could DP my woman’s cunt. Ahh, love, eh? Fucking bitch. Enjoy the free movies, and if you want more, more, fucking MORE, then simply go and get loads more instantly over at Double Penetration Newbies and dream of one day being one of those cocks!

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Feb 182017

Free Jenny Heart movie samples here Sometimes I think that I should quit talking about any other kinds of porn sites apart from solo girls porn sites. Honestly, I get so turned on watching teen girls get naked, play with their titties, and spread their tight teen pussies. When these girls have sex on film for us I get all worked up into a frenzy of lust, and I know that release is very close. I just can’t take my eyes off the screen when girls like Jenny Heart are on there. Jenny is sensational – what a perfect teen body, and she does it all! Stripping, solo pussy play, sucking dick, lesbian sex, and deep hard fucking! Check out Jenny Heart’s personal site now and get much more of this awesome chick. She’s dangerously sexy!


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Feb 172017

 Hardcore amateur sex movies 
Now that the quality of movies produced by affordable camcorders has shot up, the days of grainy home porn movies seem to be gone, and the new amateur sex movies out there are so much better and so much hornier! Take a website like Dirty Home Vids TV. It gives us amazing quality amateur sex movies, hours and hours of them, from filthy amateur sex-addicts filming their rude fun for our pleasure. Out with the old and in with the new, and I can predict that I’ll be tugging my dick a lot once I’ve ploughed through a few hours of movies. Dirty home vidsFor now, I’m content to just watch and be amazed at the amateur smut on show, but once I’ve recovered from my second wank of today I’ll be getting out the lube and playing with my shaft at Dirty Home Vids TV. Look out for the instant 3-day trial passes and more free sample clips on the tour. Nice. Amateur sex just got a whole lot better!

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Feb 162017

Granny porn moviesSee that tasty granny there? I’d fuck her. In fact, I’d fuck most grannies. In fact, I’d fuck any woman if I could. I’m desperate for some steamy action now that Mrs Twisted Cunt has imposed a sex-ban on me. It’s not an official sex-ban, of course. It’s a “get away from me you ugly fat cunt” kind of ban. Never mind. As long as there’s porn there will always be stress relief, and as long as there’s granny porn there will always be fountains of cum shooting out of my dick in every direction. I love watching grannies fucking. I love seeing them suck dick and take a facial, and it’s even better seeing them swallow that creamy man-muck. Oh fucking yes. Come and join me jerking my rod over at Granny Does Porn and see how far your cum can spurt. Mine gets about as far as my palm, or the tissue I’m holding, or my belly. Sometimes it ends up on my computer desk, and then I imagine the moment later on, when Mrs Twisted Cunt rests her hands on that dried spunk place without knowing it, and it turns me on. I think I’m a little bit sick.

Feb 152017

Mrs Twisted Cunt doesn’t have big boobies. She has nice small breasts with incredible nipples that you can easily hang six DVDs on. I like that a lot, but sometimes a man needs to see some great big jugs in action. Huge tits porn moviesThat’s the reason that I’ve been pleasuring my pecker over some horny big tits movies. Now you have to promise me something. Promise me that you won’t tell Mrs Twisted Cunt that I’m stroking my meat to big tits sex movies. She’ll go crazy if she finds out. I guess if I knew she was rubbing her clit over some big cocks porn I’d feel a little bit insecure. Understandable, but don’t fucking tell her, okay? Thanks. Enjoy these free sample clips and get over to watch more like this right here. Oooh. Massive mammaries make me melt.

Feb 142017

Ivana Fukalot porn videos I’m sorry, but I find it very hard to stay away from Ivana Fukalot – or at least her porn site. The sight of this skinny teen sensation doing her dirty thing gets me swollen and ready to purge my load every single time. I’m an addict! I have Ivana-cumalotis, or something. I need help, and I don’t mind admitting it. Ivana Fukalot sex moviesActually, I’ve self-diagnosed and decided that the only cure for my addiction to Ivana is to wank myself silly until my dick can’t take any more. I’ve also ordered myself to start this therapy immediately. Poor me, eh? If you need me I’ll be spending the next few hours with Ivana Fukalot, my right hand, lots of tissues, and a whole tub of butter. Oooh, that sounds pleasant!

Feb 132017

Hold on to your plonkers, guys, because it’s going to get a bit freaky in here! Okay, that was a stupid cheesy introduction but explicit Anime sex movies usually get me a bit excited, see? Cartoon sex moviesThat’s what we have here – hardcore uncut toon porn movies and as always with quality animated sex films there are stories to follow and twisted sex to watch. Last time I looked, which was about five minutes ago, it was instant access to the whole massive collection of wild toon porn movies for everyone, so head on over to Cartoon Copulations now and get your dose of extreme cartoon porn movies right now. I’m off for a quick shaft-shuffle. You okay with that? Excellent. Enjoy!

Feb 122017

You can’t blame a guy for wanting to grab hold of a nice round bottom, stroke it, rub it, feel the flesh and then lash the fucking thing with his stiff hand! No way. That’s absolute paradise! Spanked Schoolgirls fantasy movies Now we all remember those crushes we used to have on girls when we were at school. Sometimes I think I used to have a fierce crush on any girl that spoke to me, and most of the ones that didn’t, too. Teen hormones racing and all that stuff makes it a crazy time for a lad at school. Now then, what we have here is a combination of hot schoolgirls, (fantasy schoolgirls), and delicious butt smacking action. It’s called Spanked Schoolgirl and it’s fucking great. I’ll be over there a lot with my penis out, ready to shoot cream at my monitor as I stroke the old fella, and I hope you’ll be sensible enough to join me! Enter here to watch now!
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Feb 112017

Gagging movies There’s something really fucking horny about a chick who likes to take cock deep into her throat. Actually, there’s something really fucking horny about a chick who doesn’t really like to take cock deep into her throat, but gives you a gagging blowjob anyway. Let’s face it, a sexually willing woman is, and always will be, one of the biggest turn-ons a man can ever have. Society has pushed women so far into independance that they think that sex is something that they “give” a guy as a reward for good behaviour. If he treats you right you reward him with a nice bit of cunt at the end of the day. Pathetic, really, but that’s the way it is. I’m ranting, sure, but fuck off if you don’t like it. I’m in a bad mood today and I need to vent my frustration somehow. So gagging oral sex it is. Deep facefucking blowjobs. Enjoy the free samples here. I particularly like clip number two, where you can see her tongue lapping as she takes his dick deep in her gullet. Very fucking nice. Watch the full movies and hours more gagging oral sex over at Gag Fuck. Lovely stuff.

Feb 102017

Katie Fey porn clips Not many teen girls are more cute than the delicious babe you see here. Yep, she’s lovely, she’s called Katie Fey, and she has her very own sex website where she gets up to all sorts of naughty and filthy antics for our viewing pleasure. Katie is a sweet teen – a very dirty sweet teen! She’s one of those teen girls that I’m always kind of reluctant to talk about here at Twisted Cunt. Selfishly, I want to keep her for myself. Katie Fey moviesSorry, but you know those long and lonely nights where you just need a pretty girl to cheer you up and make you cum? Yeah, those. Well I get them around seven days per week and Katie Fey is the perfect antidote to the poison of my lonely mind. Okay, fuck all the self-pity shit. Go and see more of Katie Fey. She’s fucking great. There. I feel better already. 

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Feb 092017

Christine Young porn moviesI love it when I get to talk about, and therefore look at, the porn of a cute teen girl like Christine Young. She’s simply sensational, in my opinion, and one of those girls that make me have hot, sticky dreams. You know, those dreams where you wake up and find that your hands are drifting all over your wife’s body as she sleeps. What do you mean you don’t have those?  Cunts! All of you! Christine does everything bad that a good porn girl should. She likes a bit of pussy to lick, she enjoys sucking stiff cocks, and she adores a good hard fuck. So we have hardcore sex, lesbian sex, strapon sex, oral sex, and just about everything else you could want. Take a look at Christine Young’s personal porn website here, and grab your instant trial pass now! You’ll be a happier porn-surfer when you do!

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