Jan 232017

 Ouch. And once again – ouch! These strokes from that cane thingy look painful, and lovely! You can tell by the preview movie you see here that your Spank Pass is going Hard ass lashing moviesto be an awesome addition to your jerkoff tools! Seeing her butt cheeks redden and wobble as she takes those stinging strokes on her ass will make you very, very randy, but the real turn on comes when you watch the full movies with your instant Spank Pass. A great group of four HUGE spanking websites all under a single pass, to give you every flavour of kinky spanking scenario you can think of, all in one place. Great value, great movies, and a truly great multi-site pass that will keep you satisfied for a long, long time!

Jan 222017

Retro porn movies We’re going back to the past again, but not quite as far as before. This time it’s a site called Retro Raw which takes us back to the seventies and eighties for a fat dose of explicit early sex movies. There are some amazing movies here, and there’s something very horny about watching the full porn movie versions of movies that I’d only ever seen blurred clips of. This era of adult entertainment gave me some great wanks in Hardcore retro sex moviesmy late teens and early twenties, via borrowed video cassettes that had probably been watched thousands of times before. Ah, those innocent days of jerking off and pretending that the only reason we watched was for a laugh. If you want more retro sex movies then head over to Retro Raw and start watching instantly. Definitely worth a wank or eight.

Jan 212017

I find myself falling in love a lot these days. There are just so many gorgeous teen girls out there with their own little corners of the web, where they can show off their fresh, perfect teen bodiesTaylor Matthews movies and drive men like me into wanking overdrive. Taylor Matthews has done it for me this time, and I’m hooked, even if it’s all about the teasing because she’s never fully naked. I don’t care what anyone says about there always being a sleazy guy behind this type of solo girl porn site, I just want to watch, enjoy, jerk off, cum, and start off the whole process again next time. I know I shouldn’t but….ah fuck it – I should and I will! The real beauty of joining Taylor’s site is that you get free access to loads of other sites in the same network, which means loads of other solo babes porn for you and me! It also means that if one girl quits you still have plenty of fresh flesh to dribble over. I love you Taylor Matthews! Sort of.

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Jan 202017

All Internal is one of the best sites on the planet for creampie movies, in my humble opinion. As you can see from that huge screenshot, these movies take you about as close as humanly possible to whichever hole the cum is pumped into and spurts out from. You get to see the cum ejaculated inside pussies and asses, and either dribbled out or pushed out with the horniest consequences, as cum blasts from a gaping hole onto the face of a willing slut who then swallows as much as she can. Glorious, glorious All Internal, and there’s hours and hours of this type of movie waiting for you instantly. Every cumshot is inside a hole, and the pervy pleasure is that once the cum is inside there’s plenty that they do with it. From dribbling to licking, from smearing to swapping. Twisted and terrific.Internal cumshots - creampie movies!

Jan 192017

Whether it’s by blowjob, handjob, or pussy fucking, these spunk-loving sluts always get exactly what they want, and that’s your cum. Well, obviously not your cum, but the cum. See what I mean? Good. Cum Thirsty is what the site is called, and the girls here do a bloody good job of convincing me that they really do want that jizz. Any guy that’s ever dreamed of finding a woman that genuinely enjoys getting the juice out of a cock will understand that porn movies like these, where the woman seems to enjoy the cumshot, are a real turn-on. Men’s cum is good. It’s good for you to eat. It’s full of good stuff that will make you live longer, take away your wrinkles as you get old, and enhance every aspect of your life. Not sure if anyone will believe me but it’s worth a shot. Enjoy these free samples and if you want more cum movies grab yourself a quick one dollar trial pass at Cum Thirsty. Yep, it’s only a dollar, which for all you Brits out there is around 50 pennies. Not fucking bad. Addicted to jizz Cum Thirsty Women

Jan 182017

Kat Young Videos Sometimes a babe comes along that makes me think that some girls are born to please – born to please dirty old men like me, I mean. Born to show off their bodies in a way that other chicks can’t ever quite match. Kat Young is one of these girls. Kat is a very sexy and very dirty Asian girl with a devilishly pretty face, a sweet body, and a pussy that screams “LICK ME” every time I see it. Kat Young MoviesShe has hours and hours of movies at her site and isn’t afraid to get nasty when it matters, with lesbian action that is some of the hottest I’ve ever seen! Another thing that sets Kat apart is her live cam shows. Take your cock out when you watch Kat live on her cam and she’ll get your sperm spraying in no time! You’ll enjoy these free movies, I’m sure, but the best stuff, as always, is only accessable when you join her site. Believe me, guys and gals, Kat Young is definitely worth it! Enjoy!
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Jan 172017

Chubby sex videos What kind of guy likes watching fat women having sex? A guy like me, and I’m pretty fucking normal, apart from enjoying twisted sex now and then. Ho-fucking-ho! We have a BBW sex site here called Big Fat Beauties which delivers bucket-loads of chubby sex movies with some real twisted stuff going on. While I was there I watched bigger babes on a farm getting turned on by being naked around the animals, and then working dicks and getting fucked around them, Weird – but not beastiality! No zoosex-type stuff here, (not that I could see), but some really bizarre situations with Fat sex movieschubby chicks getting rammed by cock in all sorts of weird places. The sex is good, the plump girls are sexy, and you get access to everything in seconds. You want to stroke off now? Course you do! Head on over to Big Fat Beauties and grab your instant pass to extreme chubby porn movies. You’ll be cumming hard and fast pretty bloody quick!

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Jan 162017

Hard ass fucking movies Ohhhh, now this is a good one. It’s called Meat My Ass and if you’ve ever fucked a girl’s ass then you’ll be able to really feel the intensity at this website. If you haven’t, then poor you! You won’t be able to appreciate the tightness, that resistance that you feel until she really relaxes and you slide into her most forbidden hole. Ass sex is fucking great, no doubt about it. Mrs Twisted Cunt used to love it, that is until she stopped thinking of me as a sexual partner and started thinking of me as a lump of rotten pudding. That was a long, long time ago, but she really did enjoy getting dick up her ass. First gently, and then much harder. She always came really fucking hard aswell, but didn’t care for having my spunk up her shitter. She said it was nice enough at the time but afterwards it was horrible. Fair enough.

We used to have the kind of friends that are completely open about sex, (and I tend to ask pretty personal questions), and every woman I know that’s tried anal sex loves it, and I mean really loves it. Those that haven’t tried a butt fuck feared it, which I can understand. Ah, those were the days. Anyway, for me anal sex is about as personal as it gets. It’s not really about how my dick feels in there, it’s more about the fact that she wants it in there. It’s such a personal thing and that’s what makes it so horny for me. Ramble, ramble, ramble. On with the anal porn movies then! This site is great, with hours of awesome ass sex that will definitely leave you feeling jealous, aroused, and deflated when you shoot your cream into your hand. Take a look at Meat My Ass and watch full anal sex movies in seconds. Very, very nice indeed.

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Jan 152017

Extreme toon sex movies These are sample clips from a tasty little animated porn site called Alluring Anime which, as you can see, doesn’t smudge out the genitals like a lot of toon sex sites. I like that. As I’ve mentioned before, it was a long time before I found uncensored cartoon sex on the internet, but now I see it’s much more popular. So what about this place? Hardcore Hentai Sex It’s good, strong toon sex action all the way. I’ve seen weirder, stronger, and nastier Anime porn movies, but these are definitely good enough for loads of cartoon wanks in the days and nights ahead. Plenty of those cute toon babes with the huge boobies and sexy big eyes doing perverted things to lucky men, which is always good! Take a look at the free tour here for more. You should find they have what you are looking for.

Jan 142017

Pillows soft enough to rest your head on forever. Do women with big huge boobies want smaller ones, and the women with small ones want them bigger? Most men simply love all tits – big, small, medium, big nipples, small nipples, whatever. As with most things female it’s the competition between females that gives them problems. Big boobed babes fuckingIt’s not what men think, it’s what the ladies think that other ladies have that causes the problems. Fighting for male attention because that’s the way they are wired. Crazy. That all has fuck-all to do with the site here, which is called Huge Tit Whores and gives us a sweet feast of big breast sex movies to jerk over. Take a look at the free samples, and if you like them get more here! Nice.

Jan 132017

With lickable, suckable, nibble-able pussy lips like Tara’s it’s unsurprising to find out that I’ve been imagining cumming over her cunt as she plays. Tasty Tara's pussy up closeI know, an older guy shouldn’t have such thoughts about a sweet babe like Tasty Tara, but I can’t help it! Nor do I want to help it – it feels nice! Tara is sex on legs. Simply stunning, and as sexy as it gets, and thankfully she has her own private website where filthy old perverts like me can indulge in a little fantasy now and then…and now, and then, and now…..fuck it – all the time! Watch Tasty Tara playing with herselfI find myself thinking about her gorgeous cunt lips a lot – imagining how they’d feel between my lips, imagining kissing them, licking them, teasing them, and tasting them. She’s a beauty, and I want to put my pole into her tunnel and move it around until we both feel all squidgy. It’s a primal urge that I don’t want to shake off, so I won’t even try. You can see much more of Tara, including more preview movies, at Tasty Tara, her website. She’s tasty. Oh yes. By the way, I know I should have included a photo of Tara’s face here but I’m kind of obsessed by her cunt lips. Sorry.
All models are over 18

Jan 122017

Teen panties movies Ahhh. Teen girls, (over 18), in panties, and then out of those panties so that we can all enjoy some sweet teen cunt action. Nice stuff. As you can see from the free samples here, these are teens, at least I think they are because some of them look to be a bit older than teenage, and they have pretty panties on. Not really much more to be said on the subject, actually. Good movies, cute babes, and it’s always nice to get a bit of panty action going on. You like the sample movies here? Get a lot more like these over at Flower Panties. Now if only I could sniff that underwear while I was stroking my dick. Oh, how I long for the sensational scent of some teen cunt! Enjoy!

Jan 102017

Pissing porn moviesSpread those juicy pussies and let the piss flow free! Watersports moviesThese hot & horny bladder-busting babes spray hot jets of pee whenever they need to – and we get to watch from afar….and up close! I like Pee Hunters. It makes me feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I’m a dirty cunt that loves watching women taking a leak, and sad because I could really do with a blast of urine all over my face, in my mouth, and on my cock…right now. I’ll have to settle for second best to the real thing for now, and that just might be the mighty pissing fetish site called Pee Hunters. I like it!

Jan 092017

Spycam Movies are hitting my sweet spot at the moment. There’s something about a bit Voyeur Moviesof peeping action that gets me all hot and hard lately. I’d like to show you pics of the arousal but I hardly know you. Never mind. Got a nice little gallery featuring eight voyeur movie clips that you should enjoy. I know I did.

There are hours and hours more like these over at Home Hidden Cams. Definitely worth a look – even the free tour is great!

Jan 082017

We’ve all seen those crude holes that have been cut into the cubicle walls in seedy toilet facilities, and we all know what’s supposed to be stuck through there, right? Mostly this has been a kinky fetish for gay guys, but it looks like the girls are catching on too, as you can see from the abundance of free preview movies over at Gloryhole Girlz. Apparently women are getting off on the anonymous aspect of sucking dick through a hole in the wall. I say “apparently”, but the reality is that I’m totally making it up. It’s pure speculation. I guess I’m just hopeful that if more women are sucking dick then maybe the good news will filter through to my girlfriend, and she might try it. Pffft! Who am I kidding?

On with the free gloryhole porn movies then! I have three galleries of dirty anonymous blowjob movies for you. You can’t go wrong.

Anonymous blowjobsDirty cum loving amateurs suck dic!Gloryhole dick gobblers and cum eaters. Nice.