Oct 282016

A long, long, fucking long, time ago I asked Mrs Twisted Cunt to piss on me. She agreed. I stripped naked and lay in the bath, and she also stripped naked and then stood over me Watersports moviesand spread her cunt ready to spray that lovely golden juice all over me. Then she couldn’t pee. It just stopped needing to come out. I was already hard and stroking, gazing up at her pussy as she pushed and pushed and strained, but…nothing. Damn shame that. Since then, nothing, because she hardly ever comes close enough to me for me to ask, but one day. One day.

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Oct 272016

Hairy pussy sex moviesDoes your woman have a nice thatch of pubic hair, or does she trim and shave? Just curious. Mine has an unshaved bush…I think. It’s been so long since I saw it that it could be completely bald, or it could be dyed fucking blue for all I know, or she could even have sewn her pussy lips together. I just wouldn’t know about it. Unshaved cunts get fucked

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Oct 262016

Gorgeous lesbians fuck each otherHow stunning can lesbians be. Or, more specifically, how stunning can lesbian sex movies be? The answer? Very. Not a great answer, I know, but it’s valid. So we have cunts chasing down cunts for some cunt-munching cunt play. Sounds like that’ll work for a wank or two! Stunning lesbian sex movies

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Oct 252016

I asked Mrs Twisted Cunt to deepthroat my cock once. She was doing okay, and it felt very nice, but then the doorbell rang and killed the moment completely. That sort of thing happens a lot, or rather it used to, back when we had some sort of sex life. I ramble too much.

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Oct 242016

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Oct 232016

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Note – all mention of “girls” at TwistedCunt.com refers to women who are over 18 years old.

Oct 222016

Homeless people fucking in bizarre sex moviesI honestly can’t make up my mind if a site that’s called Bums In Action, where chicks fuck homeless dirty men, is a good or bad thing. Are we doing them a favour? Are we exploiting them? Do I really care? Well, sort of, but once my dick is in my hand and I’m watching the bizarre DVD-quality movies then that caring part goes out the window as I feel the spunk-rush approaching.Bums getting fucked - and fucking

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Oct 212016

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Oct 202016

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Oct 192016

It’s so much more than cartoons fucking, and it’s one of the most popular “different” types of porn on the internet. It’s hard to find sites like All Anime Movies – toon sex sites that don’t blur out the juicy parts. With the limits set only by the makers’ imaginations, cartoon porn has exploded into extreme areas that some people might find too strong. You often see alien sex, tentacles penetrating women’s holes, rape fantasy scenes, incest, and pretty young faces with huge breasts and sexy womanly hips. In other words, it’s porn with storylines, meanings, messages, and it’s weird and legal…I hope. Anyway, enjoy these free movie clips, and look out for a nice trial pass on the free tour over at All Anime Movies. Looks like a pretty good animated sex website to me, and they currently feature over 6,901 full-length movies to download in DVD quality! That’s what it claims at their site, anyway, and I haven’t got enough time to count them all, but I know it’s a lot!Hardcore Anime porn videos Extreme Anime sex movies

Oct 182016

Retro lesbian sex moviesVintage pussy licking porn movies I’m looking very closely at….Vintage Vagina. Shit! It could of been my fucking great-grandma! Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch of the imagination, I know, but the point is there somewhere. We tend to think of porn as being a very modern thing, but alas, no! We are wrong. Since film was invented some twisted cunts have been filming sex scenes. Humans are fucked up, let’s face it, and I reckon that the driving force behind the invention of film was so some pervy twat could film his missus sucking his cock! Oh yes! Vintage lesbian sex movies then, and they’re fucking horny to watch as you can see from the free sample movies. Want more? Sure. There’s a shit load more over at Vintage Vagina that’ll keep your hand and dick quite busy for a while.

Oct 172016

Old woman sex movies Mature porn movies Granny fuck videosThat’s fucking right, me old muckers. Every spunky young guy out there should fuck an old woman and then there will be world peace. Okay, that’s a joke, but once all that male stress is released there probably would be world peace. If you can’t fuck one, then watch one get fucked instead. To be honest, there’s no world peace as a result of this, but you should experience a nice splash of juice from your cum-stick, which is almost as good. Almost.

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Oct 162016

Amateur sex tapes  Yep, I’m enjoying more of that lovely raw amateur porn at the moment. Today I’m hard and horny because I’m spending some quality time over at  Home Porno Tapes, which I’m realising is one of the better amateur sex sites out there. At least, my cock thinks it is, and I’m not going to argue with that rather small beast! Sometimes it’s just seeing amateur women naked that turns me on, other times it’s when Real amateur porn moviesthey spread their pussies and really enjoy being licked and fucked. Then, and these are usually my most intense wanks, it’s just seeing how much they want that cock. Watching them reach for the meat and greedily guzzle that dick, then the desperate-to-be-filled-up moment as they guide the penis into the vagina. Mmmm, I like that! Probably because Mrs Twisted Cunt doesn’t – not with me anyway. Ha! Home Porno Tapes is a big amateur site full of twisted cunts fucking. Enjoy the action!

Oct 152016

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Oct 142016

Footjob movies! If my woman ever went near my dick, which she doesn’t, then I might be tempted to ask her for a footjob. As it stands, I’ll stick to watching horny footjob movies instead. Foot to cock rubbingWhat is it about feet that makes any sexual action involving them so bloody erotic? A good old fashioned footjob, and this place has hours of great footjob movies, is a joy to watch and jerk off to, waiting for that explosion of hot man-cream all over the gal’s pretty toes! I love foot sex, and I especially enjoy the great foot fetish movies at Footjob Footjob! It’s a crap site name though, but that’s not important when the movies are this good!