Oct 012016

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Sep 302016

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This site has already given me five wanks and I know I’ll be cumming back for more. See what I did there? I used “cumming”, instead of “coming”, which is pure fucking genius. Either that, or it’s stunningly predictable. I’ll go with the genius. What is this site then? It’s a monstrously huge amateur sex movie site called Private Home Clips, with viewers encouraged to send in their private porn movies for our jerky pleasure. The contributers get prizes and we get to crack a few off whenever we want to. Sounds to me like everyone wins. As you can tell from the sample clips in the galleries above, this porn is good quality, raw, kinky, and very erotic to watch. Seeing real amateurs fucking in their own homes has always been boner-fodder, and with the site growing every day with updates from new amateur fuck-sticks it just gets better and better. Established, big, and easily worth the membership price, Private Home Clips gets two thumbs up from me, but not in a cheesy Sir Paul McCartney way. (Although to be fair he hasn’t done his thumbs up gesture in years). Happy stroking!

Sep 292016

Ever since I was about fourteen I’ve been a keen voyeur. I saw a woman in her kitchen topless while I was out one evening walking my dog, and ever since that day I’ve been hooked. I’m not sick, I just like seeing women naked, or nearly naked, without them seeing me. No harm in that. Oh, I also like upskirts, beach flashing, stolen sex tapes, outdoor flashing, toilet cams, bathroom cams, dressing room spycams, and just about every other type of “you sneaky cunt” voyeur action you can think of. But like I said, I’m not sick. Not really. Here’s what I have: Hidden Camera Tapes. A nice little voyeur movie site that’s been taking me back to the good old days when I wouldn’t get arrested for being a dirty peeping tom. Ah, those were the days! Happy hunting!Hidden cam porn moviesHome voyeur sex tapes

Sep 282016

Nice pissing movies!Watersports porn movies!Pissing and sex!Now this pissing porn site is a keeper! Yellow Stories, (what a great name for a pissing website), have a great selection of high quality watersports movies for us to enjoy 24/7. As you can see from the free movie samples, these twisted cunts like to go all-out to get our juices flowing, with some of the horniest peeing action I’ve ever seen. Have fun with the free galleries below, and then take a look at this highly recommended pissing porn site. That name again? It’s called Yellow Stories. Great name.

Sep 272016

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I’m pretty sure that this brand-new site, called The Cross Dressers, won’t be suitable for everyone’s tastes, but despite the restricting sexuality brackets that society places everyone in, (straight, bisexual, gay – no in-betweens), everyone has a different level of, er, um, different-ness. What I mean is that there are no clear-cut dividers to separate gay, straight, and bisexual people. People make up a whole fucked up spectrum of twisted cunts, with everyone being just a little bit more or less heterosexual. Rambling again? Me? Never! Right, the site! Yes, it’s a horny place, for sure, with guys dressing in womens clothes and then sucking and fucking and getting their butts crammed with meat. All in all a pretty nice cross-dressing cock and spunk paradise. I found  The Cross Dressers to be pretty erotic, but be warned – it does get quite hard, so if mild gay sex is your thing you might want to pass on this one. All other folks just enjoy the movies, because they are definitely worth a few jack off sessions!Cross dressers sucking and fucking

Sep 262016

Sleeping sex moviesI like this one a lot! – What we have here is a site called Night Invasion, where all the girls involved, (and there are loads), get groped and fucked while they are asleep. It’s pure sexual fantasy, raw voyeur porn all filmed with some sort of nightvision camera that adds to the risky mood. The guy doing the nasty stuff doesn’t ever claim that these women are victims, but instead tells us that they are girls he’s hooked up with willingly via wanted ads or through them seeing what the site is about and wanting to take part.Sleep invaded for sex So we have an amazing voyeur porn site combined with the fantasy of having sex with women while they sleep. These women apparently get off on the fantasy of being taken advantage of, which makes the bizarre sex movies at Night Invasion very horny to watch. With so many new chicks being added regularly, there’s always something new, and when it’s done this well you can’t afford to miss out if you’re the voyeur-sleeping-sex type. I am, and I love this place. Check it out and start watching some of the most erotic twisted porn movies out there.

Sep 252016

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Soft ass cheeks cherried by firm spankings! Oooh! Damn I love watching babes get their bottoms spanked. I love the way they wriggle and struggle, knowing that the stinging slaps give both pain and pleasure. The free spanking sample movies above are from a pretty fucking good spanking porn site called Spank Hut. They cover just about every fantasy spanking scenario you can imagine, including lesbian spanking, women spanking men, teacher student fantasies, and kinky fuckers who like more than a good spank. Take a look around on the free tour over at Spank Hut.

Sep 242016

Extreme granny sexHardcore granny porn moviesOops! After writing the title, I realised that I’m suggesting that I’d like to either watch my own grandma have sex, or actually fuck her. Neither of these is correct, but it would be interesting nonetheless if my granny was one of the many nasty old fuckers that feature over at Is That Grandma. I have a real passion for mature porn, and especially granny sex. I’m not much of a MILF man, but I can definitely appreciate the wrinkled beauty of a mature woman. Seeing them do all the naughty things that society says they shouldn’t, and being seriously fucking filthy as they do them, is something which will always provoke my one-eyed zipper-breaker into rising up and out. (Translation: I’ll get a boner). I found a good-looking granny sex site that has some horny free granny porn sample movies on the free tour, so head on over and take a look if you want more hardcore sex like the two XXX galleries above. Enjoy!

Sep 232016

One hardcore pass for over TWENTY insane porn sites!Yep, I don’t want to keep going on about the same porn offers, but the One Pass For All site has got me hooked. I missed these free samples the first time round, so here they are, in all their glory. Watch her take a fat rod up her tight butt, after juicing up his pole with some sweet sucking. Nice. I think the thing that has me so intrigued is the fact that they are GIVING AWAY FREE PASSES at the moment. I don’t know how long this will last, so get in there and grab your free password as soon as you can. Very, very nice!

Sep 222016

Not content with good-old, run of the mill hardcore Indian sex, there are some twisted fuckers out there who are pushing those taboos even further with a brand new extreme porn site that features a shit-load of genuine Indian amateur sex! Real Indian amateur sexAs a sweet taste of this shaft-stiffening unexplored porn niche, take a look at these sample movies and then look down as your pole grows because of the sheer raw nature of it! Oh yeah, because I love you I’ll tell you that the Indian pussy spread wide up close movie is the first one in that gallery. I think the screenshot that they used over there is different.
Homemade Indian porn moviesI should also mention that they are offering you instant trial passes too, as a special promotion. Here’s what you do. Watch the free sample movies, then get in there and grab your trial pass before they change their minds. Insanity in porn circles doesn’t always last long, so strike while the iron’s hot, as they say.Indian sex tapes

A quick recap: Real amateur Indian porn movies, instant trial passes, lots of stroking off. Take a free look now at Indian Sex At Home!

Sep 212016

Looks like somebody has lost the plot here. Real free porn passes? Genuine ones? Looks like it. With a massive range of extreme sex on the menu, you’ll be bogged down in so much porn you probably won’t ever be able to wade through it all. As you can see from the sample movies below, this is the real deal, with a huge range of sexual flavours for just about every taste in smut you can think of. When somebody is giving it away there has to be a catch, right? I don’t agree. In my experience these sites make money from members who want even more porn, so they offer tasty upgrades to entice you in. More often than not these upgrades are pretty fucking good, so pay attention once you’ve grabbed your free porn pass. Understand? Excellent. I’ll leave you to enjoy these two sample sex galleries. Go on then. Take out your dick and get stroking! It’s free, remember?
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Sep 202016

Bukkake Movies Bukkake, in modern porn terms for those who don’t know, is when a woman gets her face covered in cum from multiple men giving her multiple cumshots. I’m sure there are ancient Japanese rules and definitions about what the meaning is, and the rules, but for now lets just go with the multiple facial cumshot thing. So we’ll head over to a great little extreme porn site called Tampa Bukkake to watch wild sex movies featuring some of the dirtiest cock-addicted, cum-loaded babes you’ll ever see, enjoying full-on orgies of bukkake goodness. Fuck, that’s a lot of cum!

Sep 192016

Or not? Let’s assume that these are genuine fucked up crack-addicted whores as it appears that they really are. (Watch the free sample clips to judge for yourselves). Should we really be exploiting these women? Yes? No? Probably? Possibly? Ah, fuckit. Who cares? It’s only porn, and it’s about as real as reality porn gets. Crack Whore Confessions is convincing enough for me to think that these nasty, skanky cunts are genuine crack addicts, and what’s that little voice in my head sayng?Real crack addicted whores Sex with crack addictsWhy, it’s telling me to go out and find myself a whore like that and see how dirty she can be! Man, I must be a turd for wanting to do that. Or a cunt. Or both. A turdy-cunt, maybe? So these freaky drug addicts tell their stories as they get nasty with the guys, and some of those stories are fucked up. I can’t explain why it’s such a turn on, maybe it’s the definite-reality aspect, but take a look at the free crack whore sex movies and judge for yourself. You might just enjoy these very twisted Crack Whore Confessions.

Sep 182016

Who’d of thought that they’d be looking at a screenshot of a cock being sucked through a large pizza today? C’mon, hands up! Nobody? I thought as much. Hah! Yes, that is a cock being sucked through a pizzaLet’s keep this one simple, shall we? This insane hardcore site is called Big Sausage Pizza and it seems that these pizza delivery boys fuck up every single pizza they deliver by shoving their hard cocks through the middle and….surprise! There’s my dick – suck it. I’m sure that this plan would work perfectly in real life, but I’ve yet to have a pizza delivered with a penis poking through it, and I would have noticed something like that. Twisted porn, eh? Gotta love this shit. Watch the free movies by clicking the screenshot, and there are more free sample clips on the free hardcore tour right here. You can also take advantage of a three-day trial offer which is always a good thing. Happy eating! 

Sep 172016

Big Cocks MoviesBig Black Dick Sex MoviesHung Black GuysNot a lot of people will be racking their brains trying to work out what this website is about!

 It’s A Big Black Thing is the title, and unsurprisingly, is a website built around big black things. So it’s huge black dicks then, which I’m sure we’re all used to seeing at websites, but these movies are fucking great! I’m addicted, and you could be too! Take a look at the free big cock movies, (just click the photos), and enjoy those large cocks getting worked over.