Aug 242016

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I’m not 100% sure, but I think that it’s now geared towards black chicks sucking white cocks whereas originally it was more of a general gloryhole site. That’s not a problem for me, because seeing  kinky ebony babes slurping on a stiff white cocks anonymously is seriously fucking sexy – I love it!

The free movies here are not anywhere near the quality of the movies you’ll be watching at Gloryhole Initiations, because those lovely fuckers over there no shoot everything in crystal-clear HIGH DEFINITION. I’m really starting to enjoy higher quality porn – it’s one of those things that makes me wonder how I ever coped before it came along.

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Aug 232016

Watch these kinky pissing movies! Yellow Stories is the name, and, as you might have guessed, there are loads of themed pissing porn movies to be found there.

It should be pretty obvious by now that I’m a twisted cunt, and I enjoy watching other twisted cunts do twisted things to each other. The trouble with that is that I don’t think golden showers is particularly twisted, whilst plenty of people do, but who gives a fuck, eh?

Yellow Stories makes me a happy wanker every time. I log in, having already released my tiny but rigid penis from my pants, and I find that within a couple of minutes I’m jerking furiously over some decent kinky peeing movies. I love the close-ups here, I love the quality, and I love seeing the girls enjoying giving and taking the piss. Really.

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Aug 222016

Free pregnant porn movies Fancy a decent bit of hardcore pregnant sex? I do, or rather I did, hence the inclusion here of some kinky pregnant cunts enjoying dick. The pregnant sex site that’s got my dick twitching strong and proud is called Knocked Up Nikki, where a pregnant babe named, er, Nikki, has lots of sex.

It’s not just about Nikki though, oh-fucking-no, as this swollen bellied cum-craver has loads of pregnant friends who all love a nice bit of man-rock too. There’s also some really horny pregnant lesbian sex at this site, which makes for a great bit of stroking-off material if you like seeing pregnant cunts eaten by pregnant cunts. (Or something).

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Aug 212016

Free butt spanking moviesI’d like to say that nothing gets my dick hard like a nasty bit of spanking porn, but I’d be talking through my arse. The truth is that I love watching babes get their asses lashed, but there are other types of twisted porn movies that I enjoy more. However, if I’m in the mood to see a nice bit of bottom-slapping punishment, then not many porn niches will get the cum spurting faster than spanking.

I think it’s a British thing, left over from decades of watching cheeky bum-smacks in naughty, titillating films. After all, for a long, long time, that was as kinky as it got on UK television. Not that it’s much better these days – even our UK adult satellite channels are tame and un-explicit compared to how most people think they should be. (I say “most people” but by that I mean ME!) The only cumshots I’ve ever seen on British television were not in an erotic sense at all. The movie 9 Songs was shown on a satellite movie channel here, and it does have  some very explicit sex scenes, (including a cumshot after a handjob), and I guess could have been erotic if it wasn’t for the simple fact….that it wasn’t! Other than that there have been one or two educational-type shows that have dared to show ejaculation. Not good for wanking over, not good at all.

Why do I ramble so much? Spanking movies, yes!

Not only are the movies at Sinful Spanking fucking excellent, but you also have the option of grabbing a discreet 3-day trial pass, and if you get a full pass you also get FREE BONUS ACCESS to over 70 other hardcore porn sites. That’s a lot of fucking smut to stroke off over, so no complaints possible.

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Aug 202016

Free amateur porn movies! Amateurs! Amateurs! Amateurs! Thank fuck home video quality is really good these days. If it wasn’t, then we’d never get to stroke our throbbing cocks over seriously erotic and seriously twisted amateur sex like the hours and hours of movies over at Home Porno Tapes.

The things that teens do these days makes me really fucking jealous! Watching them licking and sucking and fucking and loving every sordid minute of the action makes me furious that I never got to meet girls as liberated and happy-to-shag as these. Maybe they were there and I was too shy, but I don’t think so.

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Aug 192016

Real spycam sex movies! Have I even mentioned how much I love advances in technology? Probably. I’m referring specifically to advances in the quality of movie cameras – home movie cameras. Digital cams small enough to hide so that twisted cunts like me can watch real amateurs sucking and fucking in secret. Like these unfortunate spy-ees. (Is that a real word?)

A few years ago all of the spycam sex action out there was bad quality, and although grainy, blurred voyeur porn movies do have their place, watching modern hidden cam sex is a much more fulfilling experience.

I’m a dirty old voyeur, who loves peeping in on other folks while they share intimate moments. Nothing wrong with that, and even if there is, fuck it anyway! Upskirts are great, window peeping is cool, but watching amateurs fuck is the best.

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Aug 182016

Click here to watch these free BBW porn movies One of my favourite subjects – chubby cunts. Not just the cunts, however, the whole naked body, or bodies. What I’m trying to say here is that I LOVE watching fat girls having sex, or sucking dick, or just being plump and naked. Oh yes.

I’ve found some free chubby sex movies that you can enjoy, as you can see, but what’s much better for fans of bigger babes engaging in all sorts or sexual depravity is a website that I’ve mentioned plenty of times here at Twisted Cunt, called BBW Hunter.

Hours and hours of amazing quality plumper porn movies, thousands of pics, free bonus access to AT LEAST 100 OTHER PORN SITES totally FREE. Hold on a second, the last time I checked it was 80 sites free, now it’s shot up to 100 – Fucking hell!
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Aug 172016

Watch these free ass licking movies with babes tasting guy's buttholes! Click here! It’s good to be a dirty little cunt, I reckon. I know I am, and I’m fairly sure that most of you twisted folks are, but that’s not really important here. What is important is that the babes at Lick That Ass are dirty little cunts.  Seriously dirty little cunts. Oh yes.

Seeing these hotties use their tongues to probe male assholes has got to be one of the most erotically filthy things out there. I mean, these chicks spread guys’ butt cheeks and lick and lap like a thirsty fucking dog. I wish my woman would do that to me, but she won’t, so I’ll be more than happy to pay a visit to Lick That Ass whenever I get the urge for some bottom licking porn movies.

Before I shoot off to shoot off, (see what I did there?), I’m going to mention the 47 bonus porn sites that you get TOTALLY FREE with your discreet instant pass at Lick That Ass. 47! That’s FORTY SEVEN, unless it’s gone up since I last checked. Hee hee. That’s a whole network of extreme sex sites with your single tongue-in-butt pass. Un-fucking-believable!

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Aug 162016

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Free webcam sex chat done right! A HUGE selection of online naked amateurs, free access, free sex chat, and loads of dick stroking for you as you jerk off while telling these babes exactly what you want to see.

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Aug 152016

This babe sucks a huge black dick through a gloryhole until he cums in her mouth! I’m really pleased to be able to show you these free gloryhole movie clips, because I get off on gloryhole cocksuckers regularly, and I reckon that the site that these clips are from, simply called, is possibly the best out there. Seriously.

The way the babes take every huge cock shoved through the hole in the wall and use it for their kinky pleasure is fucking great to watch. Seeing the first touch, the way they stroke the long length, the first lick and taste, and then the way they cram those monster dicks into their mouths and cunts is so fucking horny! And the cumshots! Oh, those fucking cumshots! Seeing these girls milk the spunk out to catch it in their mouths is incredible! Watching the sperm spurt onto titties is fantastic!

I fucking LOVE this site. It’s called, and those ttwisted fuckers have an extended free movie on their free tour. Go see it – now!

Aug 142016

Free ass licking movies! I didn’t know until recently that the term, “Tossing The Salad”, is used for when a chick licks a guy’s asshole. Shame on me. I always used, “rimming”, but apparently that’s more geared towards gay men, although I’m assured that it’s not exclusive to gay men. Who knows the truth, eh? These things are important!

Lick That Ass is one of those quality porn sites that gives you exactly what you are looking for, which in this case is ass licking movies, and on top of that they also give you free bonus access to almost FIFTY other extreme sex sites. This satisfies almost every nasty desire you have for wild sex movies, while still delivering some of the naughtiest and most explicit bottom licking movies on the net.

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Aug 132016

Watch these kinky free pissing movies Piss, Piss, and more piss. That’s what I like to see. This nasty fetish stuff is almost guaranteed to get my plonker peering skywards and my hand rubbing the old boy.

The Golden Rain is the name of the watersports fetish site that these kinky movies originate from, and it’s a good ‘un. So far I’ve watched a couple of hours of golden showers movies. Hey, that rhymed. “Hours” and “Showers”. Excellent, and pleasing. Where was I? Oh yes, a couple of hours of pissing movies watched and loads of wanking from me to satisfy my depraved lust for seeing babes doing bad things.

It’s a simple one: You like pissing? Join The Golden Rain here. You don’t like pissing? Join The Golden Rain here anyway. Hee hee.

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Aug 122016

Free amateur sex moviesHomemade sex movies still thrill me. In fact, I’d even go as far to say that on average I enjoy watching amateurs sucking and fucking more than just about any other type of porn.

With home movie cameras being such good quality these days, it’s no wonder that modern amateur sex sites like Home Porno Tapes are so successful. It seems that these kinky cunts never have a shortage of fresh young couples willing to film themselves in beautiful act sof depraved sex and send their “private” movies in for members like me to jerk off over.

No complaints at all here. Home Porno Tapes is slick, big, updated regularly, and contains some of the best quality amateur sex you’ll ever enjoy. Whack a few off over there now. Here’s the link to the free tour.

Aug 112016

Watch these free pregnant sex movies I thopught it would be a good idea to delve into the twisted and  satisfying realms of pregnant sex movies today, and Her First Pregnancy was the first…and last place I looked.

Within about ten minutes of entering this hardcore preggo porn site I had my rigid cock out and was furiously jerking off over some of the best pregnant sex movies I’ve ever seen. Cumming hard like I did left me exhausted and in no mood for more porn for at least an hour, so I stopped looking at smut and made myself a sandwich instead.

That’s a pathetic but true story, and one which I felt the need to share for some strange reason. Okay, here’s what we have: Trial passes, free bonus sites, free movies on the XXX tour, and hours of the best pregnant sex action you’ll ever see. Go here and join – it’s fast and easy. There, now fuck off and enjoy watching hormonal sluts ravaging stiff pricks!

Aug 102016

Great quality amateur sex movies See that amateur girl there, with that cock about to be planted in her mouth? I love her. I’ve never met her, but I’m in love with her. Or maybe it’s lust, but to be honest I can’t tell the difference when my dick is swollen and ready to spurt cream after wanking over some of the best amateur sex movies on the net.

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